5 Napkin Burger vs Burger Joint in NYC

This is really the best burger in NYC.  I went to New York city recently and wanted to find the best burger place.  I checked out Zagat to see what the diners were saying.  Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien was rated number one.  I checked it out and it was mediocre.  Didn’t like waiting half an hour to get to inside.  Burgers were small and slightly dry even though I ordered mine rare.  Very basic.  I don’t know what all the fuss was about.

Then I went to 5 Napkin Burger and was blown away.  Juicy burgers, great service, variety of toppings.  This was my second time and it was better than before. Try Onion rings, fried pickles, coleslaw and crispy french fries. Great bar too.


Five Napkin Burger on Urbanspoon


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