Kaji     Closed Monday & Tuesday.  www.sushikaji.com     416-252-2166


Let your senses take you to Japan with Chef Mitsuhiro Kaji’s three wonderful tasting menus, takumi, waza and iki.  No a la carte here.  Each course brings you closer and closer to the final climax of your dinner experience.  Kaji always has the freshest fish, which is flown in from Japan’s Tokyo bay.  Savoury and sweet flavours mingle together in perfect balance, course after course.  Best seat in the house is at the bar, where you’re up close and personal with Kaji.  Watch as he creates his works of art for you to enjoy.  Come hungry because though beautiful, the food here will fill you up.


Sake, Sake, Sake! Need I say more?  If you’re not into sake they do have some nice Japanese beers and a limited bar.

Great date place for the adventurous.  Chef Kaji has a great personality, very engaging and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  One of the best sushi restaurants in Toronto,and the GTA.

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