Le Select Bistro

Le Select Bistro   open daily 11:30am-11pm   416-596-6405   www.leselect.com


Have the L’os De Cro-magon.  A neanderthalesque bone marrow  which is devilishly sinful and primal.   Oreille De Cochon is crispy sow’s ear strips served with lentils, Du Puy (a dark green lentil) from Frances volcanic soils, and watercress.  Try the pickled eggs, which are in a nice big jar, right on the bar.


A nice selection of wine and draft beers.

Looks very much like you have just stepped into a real French bistro.  Cute decor.  Fun atmosphere.   This place has been around for a while and still is really busy.  A touch of old school European charm.

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