Yuzu Sushi and Sake Bar

Yuzu Sushi and Sake Bar   Mon-Fri 11:30am-10:30pm, Sat noon-11:30pm   http://yuzutoronto.com  416-205-9808


Daily selection of fresh fish. My Sashimi favorites: B.C. tuna, Ocean trout, Blue fin tuna, butterfish and the best sea urchin in town. Yuzu maki, Crunchy spicy tuna and spicy scallop rolls are outstanding.  Tobiko with quail egg sushi tastes creamy at first finishing salty then sweet. Great tempura.  REAL fresh grated wasabi.


Kimmon Okunomatsu  is one of the best sakes I’ve ever tried and I’ve traveled through Japan.

I come here once a week.  Lunch times are hectic.

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