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Per Se   212-823-9335   Manhattan, New York

I know per se isn’t a restaurant in Toronto, but I had to mention it.  If you’re in New York City and in the mood for an extraordinary adventure; a sensory journey from the sea to the sky and back down to earth. Go!

Each day they create two 9 course tasting menus, a chefs tasting and a tasting of vegetables.  They sometimes have 5 course tasting, which is what I enjoyed on my visit.  My adventure…

The amuse was a salmon cornet.  Salmon tartare and red onion creme fraiche in a savory cornet, so beautifully sweet, so savory.  Next was Atlantic fluke (cut across the width) “goujonnette” with green tomatoes, petite parsley and french pickle sauce, the sea.  Liberty Farms Pekin duck “rillette” is a soft-boiled Squire Hill Farms’ hen egg, Applewood smoked bacon and “petit Pois a la Francaise” (peas with leafy greens).  I’m feeling warm.  I’m looking out the window which faces the city and central park.  Service here is impeccable, they cater to your every whim. Happiness at work.  No request to outlandish. I felt as though I was wrapped in joy, as if joy was a tangible blanket.         Back to earth with Herb Roasted Elysian Fields Farm’s Lamb, “petit salé ” chickpea “panisse” (polenta) , sweet pepper relish, Sacramento Delta green asparagus and Moroccan olive jus, my pupils dilate. To finish the tasting a wonderful assortment of “mignardises” (tiny, bite-sized desserts) to satisfy.

After the journey is over I walk out the doors and down the hall to the elevator.  I wait.  Its here, ready to take me back, downstairs.  I step inside and the door closes, we descend.  The door opens and a cool breeze touches my face as I step through.  I miss the warmth, the marvelous view, and or course the food that is per se; Beauteous.

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  1. FoodiesOnTheProwl says

    Sounds great. Next time we’re in NYC we should give it a try, it’s been on my list for a while now.

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