Sunnyside Cafe

Sunnyside Cafe     416-531-CAFE    Open everyday May through September
This hidden gem takes you away from Toronto, up north to a peaceful beach cafe. On a lake somewhere in the Muskokas.  You can always find an empty table with a great view, and plenty of sunlight all day long.   If you need to cool off you can jump right into the water, thanks to the clean water program by Work up an appetite traversing the water in a Dragonboat with  The menu is simple but tasty.  Try wings, bruschetta, calamari, or even BBQ ribs.  Sip on a salt-rimmed sour lime Margarita, complete with umbrella.   Fresh pizza comes to life in their very own wood burning oven.  But, the most incredible thing about the Sunnyside Cafe is, that ITS DOWNTOWN TORONTO!  Yes, its true. Situated right on the beach of Lake Ontario in the Sunnyside Pavilion, its Toronto’s best kept secret.

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