Blacktree         Closed Sunday – Tuesday   905-681-2882

It is like a fantasy novel come to life.  Chef Matteo Paonessa is constantly trying to improve himself.  Hell-bent on perfection, his creations are exotic.  The menu changes monthly.  It is a small menu which to me is a good sign – no chef can perfect a menu with 30 plus items.  One wall of the restaurant is almost made completely of glass, it allows you look into the courtyard where a screen that plays old black and white cartoons and movies.  Blacktree is tucked away, in a corner of a strip mall; odd for a 4-star restaurant, but looks can be deceiving.  Once you step through the door, its  like falling down a rabbit hole into a wondrous sultry crimson den that wraps itself around you like a warm blanket.  It is dark, chic, and covered with interesting art pieces keeping your eyes busy until the waiter comes over and takes your order.  The room is small but very amusing, much like the food; it comes alive before your eyes.  The menu has a few market priced dishes that can be a little pricey like “game”, “gnocci”, and  “fish”.  Proteins with such low fat percentage are easy to overcook, not here, Matteo shows off his awesome skills and nails each dish.  The deer lingers on my palette long after it has left my lips.  Pineapple soup is so incredible you believe anything is possible in this moment.  The sweetness of the fruit, the savory foam,  soothes away any hesitation of dismissing the dish as eccentric.   This hidden gem even houses some of the most innovative dessert ideas in Canada like raspberry parfait with lavender white chocolate – confessional this Sunday.

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