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Bread greets me at the table alongside chili flavoured olive oil, a nice kick to wake up those taste buds.  I ordered pane con aglio – toasted bread with garlic and parsley butter, topped with locally made mozzarella.  I had such high hopes but the four small pieces fell flat, bland and I think I chipped a tooth.  Fresh, local cow’s milk mozzarella is divine, so smooth and creamy, brought in daily exclusively for Il Fornello.  Insalata cesare with its “famous “dressing caught my eye.  The caesar salad was peppery and creamy unfortunately tasting like it came from a supermarket store isle.  I did enjoy the extra anchovies I ordered on top and the house made bread crumbs were nice.  Their pizza is baked in a wood-burning oven, so I ordered a pepperoni pie.   Thin crust, tomato sauce, fresh basil, local and di bufala mozzarella covered the pleasing pie.  I liked that I could hold a slice in one hand without having to worry about the toppings falling off.  I’ve noticed a trend with restaurants serving pizza that is so thin and limp I have to eat it with a knife and fork and I’m not a fan of that.  I like using my hands, and its pizza for goodness sake, it’s good to get a little messy, maturity is overrated.  Linguini carbonara and spagettini Bolognese followed – nicely seasoned, el dente.  Pancetta, sautéed leeks, egg yolk, cream, butter, black pepper and parmesan made the linguini a good dish, but it did not ignite any sparks within.  Traditional tomato, braised beef and veal sauce in the spagettini Bolognese was filling but lacking flavour and depth.


Focusing mainly on Italian wines, the list did not have much to choose from.  I think they had only 5 wines from other regions.  The book itself looked like it had seen better days – old water stains and torn around the edges.  The bar seemed nice from a distance but up close looked very dusty.  I ordered a bloody caesar which had a funny taste – I think the Worcestershire was old.  The servers try but can sometimes seem rough around the edges.

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