Le Petit Dejeuner

Le Petit Dejeuner   416-703-1560    http://petitdejeuner.ca


If you are in the east end of the city, around brunch time, this adorable little bistro is the place to eat.

Authentic Belgian Waffles are so light and crisp sometimes I only sprinkle a little icing sugar; sometimes I indulge with fresh fruit and Chantilly cream.  Western omelets topped with caramelized onions, sauteed ham and bell red peppers are so  marvelous together – the egg is cooked just right.  Their coleslaw has apples, cabbage, and raisins in it; I didn’t like it in the beginning, but it grew one me.  They also have a full dinner menu – I have not tried it, some items look promising.

The room is quaint, big windows and the atmosphere has a lot of energy. A great place to start your Sunday.

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