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This trendy, hip and cool this spot has a great patio that is sunny and buzzing with energy all day long.  Located on the edge of  Liberty Village, it is a busy lunchtime hangout for the business crowd and a local pub to the many residents who surround this new area.  In the summertime I always take a seat on the patio. This time I started things with guac and chips, guacamole with cassava and tortilla chips; the sweetness of the cassava adds new depth to this salty classic dish.  Since we have been having such a hot summer I ordered top split Atlantic lobster with cassava chips and spiced garlic dipping butter dip, served hot or cold. I opted for cold lobster because the spicy garlic butter still warmed the meat that was so sweet; the spice cooled my skin, what a perfect combination.  I felt like dessert so it was time for a flat n’ chewy chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, with chocolate puddle and brulee banana.  The cookie was so perfect for dipping into the warm chocolate puddle; brulee had just a hint of banana with the right amount of sweetness.


During lunchtime I love to sip on real lemonade to cool down in the hot sun; its real and its spectacular – just sour enough just to make your mouth water and then icy sweet to give you goose bumps.  When its dinnertime I order a flask of white sangria made with pinot grigio, green grapes and sliced apples.  I’m not a white wine kind of gal but it looks and tastes so pretty, working well with so many dishes.

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