Wingporium    416-255-6464   open every day   lunch – ‘til the cook shuts off the fryers


They have 88 flavours of fresh, never frozen wings.  To start the process you have to decide on a few things; naked or dusted, select a category (dry, mild, medium, hot, scorpion kiss or black mamba), and have them finished on the grill for a buck if you please.  So many choices, it’s almost frustrating, so I will let you in on a couple of my favorite combinations.  I like dry roasted garlic finished on the grill with a side of honey garlic, dry dill pickle, dry garlic garlic with a side of honey/hot, or simply hot finished on the grill; finishing on the grill adds great B.B.Q flavour and those grill marks crisp up the juicy skin – extraordinary!  They have a wall of flame that keeps score of how many scorpion kiss or black mamba wings one can eat before catching fire; my advice, stay far, far away.  I love veggies and dip and boy do they have a lot of sour cream based dips.  I order the veggies with a ranch, garlic dill and French onion dip as an appetizer with garlic bread topped with cheese and a crunchy seasoning that makes me sequel with pleasure.  Potato wedges are wonderful arm candy for your wings if you feel like a starch, with your protein; sprinkled with savory garlic, I hear wedding bells.   The food is always piping hot to touch, so watch yourself.  I don’t think I’ve had the same waitress twice but service is always efficient.  It can sometimes seem a little chilly, the lights could be dimmed, and lacking that ambiance of your local bar – a meritorious effort.


Beer is the number one seller; they have a fully stocked bar as well.  The servers are all attractive young ladies, on the ball,  and very polite.  I’ve been to a few places where I’ve been served by waitresses who think I’m doing them a favour by sitting in their section, and the outcome hasn’t been pleasant.

Wingporium is a unique place and I urge you to check it out.

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