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After waiting half the night for a callback regarding a table that never came, we decided to order some take out.  I’ve heard nothing but praise about this authentic southern style barbeque spot.   I could not take it any longer, no matter what I was getting myself some slow-cooked, wood smoked, peppery-sweet, caramelized baby back ribs tonight.  Luckily Barque does take out, so I scoured the internet for a menu, and found their Facebook page  The menu is simplistic, a great sign.   I ordered Peel & Eat Shrimp – smoked with a citrus finish, BBQ chicken tenders – dry rubbed, the  Barbeque Sampler for one, and a half rack of the Sweet Heat Baby Back Ribs with 2 sides of fries.  I also snagged a bucket full of seasoned popcorn to take home, spicy and light.  The smoked shrimp was marvelous, so easy to peel with this smoky flavour that penetrated deep into the sweet richness of the meat; the lemon balances out the dish – a new experience done right.    My BBQ sampler included competition thighs, 1/3 rack of baby back ribs dry rubbed, a beef rib, and sides of smoked asparagus and the Barque Caesar Salad.  The ribs were cooked perfectly, with just a hint pink, irrefutable, undeniable, and veracious – like a breath of fresh air. I was so use to eating bland grey over-cooked ribs, swimming in BBQ sauce.     I was finding though, that the smoky flavour, was slowly becoming over powering; ever heard the saying “too much of a good thing”. My fries, beef rib, baby back dry rubbed ribs, and even my asparagus has the exact same smoky flavour.  Each sampler item had the same smoke flavouring, growing stronger and stronger, I couldn’t finish my meal.  Innovative but I think they need to tweak their seasoning.
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