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Marche      open every day        647-350-6999


I have been going to this restaurant ever since I was a little girl; it was my treat after watching the Santa Claus Parade.  The whole restaurant is set up to look like a marketplace, bright colours, fresh food stands, and helpful employee’s make eating here a fun and relaxing experience.  As you walk up to the entrance, you are greeted warmly and given a plastic credit card, an access pass that keeps track of all your purchases within.  I find it so simple and easy – I sometimes get carried away.  The rotisserie stand has fresh cut fries, and local meats prepared right before your eyes.  Rösti is Swiss dish made from shredded fried potatoes, topped with vegetables, roasted chicken, or creamy mushroom gravy.  Delicious!  When I’m in a rush I just run in and grab a healthy light salad to go.  They have an amazing seafood stand where you can find grilled fresh fish and lightly dusted calamari.


A small bar in the centre of the marketplace is stocked with plenty of wines and spirits to complement a great evening and wonderful food.

There was a time when Marche changed its name to Richtree and it also changed the restaurant.  The food was horribly over-cooked and the selection was slim.  It really tumbled downhill, frozen fries and dried out chicken drove away many customers.   I use to remember, waiting in a line just to get in, but at times you could hardly find anyone in the marketplace.  It was just recently, that I was in the area – noticed that the Richtree sign was gone and Marche was in its place.  I had to go inside, to see if it had changed.  I was astonished – it was better than I had ever remembered and that is why I had to write this review.

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