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Pho Hung       416-593-4274    Open every day 10am-10pm


Pho Hung is one of the biggest and best Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto.  It is one of those places that you keep coming back to, week after week.  I have been eating Pho for almost 7 years now and have been to just about every Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto.  Out of the vast majority – Pho Hung is the only one I keep coming back to.  It is a family run business that opened in 1985 and has grown to 3 locations – Mississauga, Toronto Chinatown and Toronto Yorkville.  Still run by the original owner, who you may see working the register, cleaning the tables, or at your table making sure you have been looked after properly.  Now let’s talk about the charming food.  Let me tell you that you cannot go wrong with any of the menu items,  so don’t be afraid to experiment.  My favorite soup is the first on the menu, Hung’s special beef rice noodle soup (#01), which includes rare, well done, tripe and tendon;  the seasoning is always spot on but it’s always fun to make it your own soup with bean sprouts, fresh lime and some satay sauce which they provide.  The special deep fried spring roll (#62) is divine, so crunchy -served with garlic chili vinegar that is slightly sweet and blows boring plum sauce out of the water.  The spicy fried chicken wings (#60) are Hung’s biggest secret – hands down the best in the city; extremely crispy, with a sweet buttery spiciness that completes an almost orgasmic experience.  Feeling adventurous, order the fried frogs legs (#61). If you are playing it safe, try the assorted crispy egg noodles (#58) or grilled chicken on rice (#34a).  Pho Hung warms your heart and put a smile on your face.  Great after a night out on the town.


With a cornucopia of fruit in the kitchen, Hung’s milkshakes range from the basic strawberry to the exotic durian and mung bean shake.  My favorite is the avocado milkshake, so smooth, so creamy.  Soda with sugar and lime is light, refreshing, and clean-tasting.  Interesting iced coffees are a nice way to satisfy a sweet tooth to end off your meal.  Licensed, but is one of the few places where you would rather sip on a passionate milkshake than nurse vodka soda.

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