Japango    416-599-5557   open daily – lunch & dinner

This tiny spot seats only 20 comfortably.   It’s cozy, warm and inviting, reminiscent of a Tokyo resto.  The walls are adorned with celebrity photos, salutations, and row upon row of wooden boxes encasing personally owned chopsticks.  After eating you understands why Japango has so many regulars – it’s the outstanding food!  The sashimi reminds me of a thunderous sea; let them create a masterpiece for you – salty, sweet, and creamy.   The tempura is wonderfully crisp and light; crunchy veggies and delightful seafood hide within the golden crust.  Love the salmon bowl and the soft shell crab.  Wash it all down with splendid sake, ‘Okunomatsu Kimmon’.  This is a great first date place because it’s casual and lively.


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