pizza e pazzi

pizza e pazzi     647-352-7882

It’s really busy, almost too busy. The ambiance is boisterous.   If you don’t want to wait make sure you arrive after 9:30pm.  The servers look stressed, they manage until asked questions, then become distracted.  I can’t blame them when customers never stop rolling through the doors of the restaurant.  As I look at the menu I notice a few things: the cocktails are insanely expensive at $10.50 for a vodka soda, the pastas are all $14 flat, and if you want to add mozzarella di campano to any pizza it’s an extra $3.50.  My favorite dish is polpette della nonna (meatballs covered in a tomato sauce), light tomato sauce, angelic almost, holding a savory home-made meatball that reminds you of your mom’s home cooking.  Pizza crust is also outstanding.  A delicate smoky flavour within chewy crust; I just wish they could get the toppings right.

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