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Via Allegro Ristorante   416-622-6677    Mon-Sat 11:30am-10:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-9:30pm


The ambiance is a little lacking.  There are no booths and someone needs to dim the lights.  I do love their thin crust pizza.  The oven, located in the middle of the room, allows you to watch your own pizza being created, while you chat with the chef.  I order the Caesar salad, made with Romaine hearts, shaved Padano (a popular Italian cheese), toasted hazelnuts, crispy Speck (smoked Italian ham), light vinaigrette dressing, and the tiniest little panzerotti.  Its light and savory, the crumbly Padano granules roll over your tongue, press against the roof of your mouth, come together in the perfect appetizer.  Today I decided on a veal chop as my entree; it’s rather large, loaded with flavour and tenderness, and I’d say it’s rather good.  Items can be pricey here – but portion size makes up for that.  Some of the most interesting and wonderful restaurants are hidden in your local strip malls, so don’t be so quick to dismiss.


The bar is rather awkward, as you walk in it’s abruptly on the left.  The bar stools are rigid and uncomfortable.  On the upside, a nice big bowl of house made roasted nuts to amuse you; bet you can’t eat just one.   The wine list is as big as a phone book and one of the countries best.  One of my favorites is 7 Deadly Zins.  A rich full-bodied, luscious wine loaded with berry fruit, spice, pepper, and earth notes.  They also have the largest selection of whiskey in the western hemisphere, it’s like an encyclopedia.  It also doesn’t hurt that the servers at Via Allegro know their wine and are very helpful when it comes to choosing the best pairing with your dish.

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