Woody’s Burgers bar and grill

Woody’s Burgers bar and grill       Mon-Sun 11:30am-9pm   416-546-2093      www.woodysburgers.com

This west end burger joint has plenty of fans, I unfortunately am not one of them.  You can smell the aroma of the Canadian hardwood burning from the grill down the street.  When you walk through the entrance the sweet perfume of smoky wood invades your senses.  An interesting menu packed with so many, many choices, it’s hard to choose.  I went with the beef classic with cheddar cheese, 50/50 (regular and sweet fries) with gravy, and coleslaw.  Was not impressed, the burger over-done, falling apart and lacking flavour.  With such a strong smoky aroma emanating from the restaurant you would think it would show in the burger, well it doesn’t.  The 50/50 was average, and when mixed with their ‘burnt’ tasting gravy, disappointment washes over like nausea.   Same goes for the coleslaw, too creamy, too rich; am I having mayonnaise and cabbage soup?  I just have to add that common sense isn’t a Woody’s trait either; when you know there are customers on their way, you don’t close early – unacceptable!

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  1. Jeanette says

    you should definitely give them another shot. When I went, around the time of this post, it wasn’t impressive. I have been since and it has improved significantly.

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