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Dine under a starry ceiling of incandescent lights.  Make a new friend dining beside you, on one of the many communal picnic tables.  Engaging food runners and a friendly atmosphere make dining exciting. Music and cheers follow into the wee hours of the night, with live music.  The Bratwvrst (veal/pork) ordered currywurst style, takes me back to the streets of Berlin.  Oktoberfest (beef/pork/mustard) disappoints – pair with homemade sauerkraut and/or spicy mustard to make it exciting.  Kangaroo is very gamey, not one of my favorites, does well with yellow mustard.   Now the Duck sausage is something to write home about – creamy, delicate, prominent foie gras taste, perfect on multigrain bread.  A kiss of wilderness blesses the venison sausage finishes with a touch of spice – inhale its sweet pepper, earthy richness, success.  Love the Slavic flavour of the Kranjska sausage, taste the garlic and earthy spices, very European. Last but not least the duck fat fries, crunchy but I can hardly taste the duck fat – try with malt mayo or the chive and garlic dip. Licensed, serving mainly beer and wine.  Old vine zinfandel by four wines is lavish, and Paulaner lager pairs wonderfully with any sausage.  Using locally farmed natural ingredients source from Ontario and Québec Wvrst hits home, close to the heart.

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