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(ban-un’k) a round flatbread traditionally cooked on a griddle or stone, brought to Canada through Scottish explorers and traders, adapted by Indigenous people and settlers

No table cloths.  Cool atmosphere. The seating was terribly uncomfortable.  It’s organized chaos.  Antique pine and hemlock line the walls of Bannock, which were once under the waters of Lake Ontario, rescued from the Queen’s wharf.  The wood should have added warmth to the spot but it didn’t.

The cocktail list is small but clear.  Let me introduce you to the Bannock Caesar made with vodka, sherry, Clamato, salsa and a crunchy maple bacon garnish that twists your taste buds ‘till you crave 10 more!  The wine list is also very small, heavy with Canadian and sadly overpriced.

I often ask what the chefs’ signature dish is but my server was not helpful,  alas, I was on my own.  Outstanding garlic and herb bannock together with O&B artisan bread make perfect sense with an exceptional house made garlicky – smoky hummus that will have you ordering one after the other.  Fresh and flavourful bread baked daily in house showcase the menu’s best items like the bannock pizza and free-run turkey sandwich.  Potted cretons (Quebecois terrine-like breakfast dish) lightly spiced still lack the wow factor I was looking for, like most dishes here.  Even my wild sockeye salmon was over cooked and my side of salted baked beets was forgotten.

Most dishes on the menu will fill u up beyond the point of no return so make sure you save up room if you have a sweet tooth.  I really enjoyed the warm s’mores pie with house made marshmallows browned ever so gently overtop a gooey warm chocolate brownie – seriously sweet.

To wrap things up I have to say the menu does not reflect “Canadian comfort food”; it’s almost awkward at times and needs a definite shape up before I dare to return again.

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