Best Portuguese Chicken (BPC)   416-255-7177 Mon-Sat 9am-8pm, Sun 10am-3pm   www.bestpc.ca

It’s true they do make a remarkably moist chicken breast, but oddly enough the leg and thigh area drier than norm.  The seasoning on their chicken is delicious.  Tender brackish meat underneath a crisp outer skin makes for an enjoyable fire-roasted chicken.  If you are the type to save the chicken’s wings for last then prepare to be enchanted,  for these are the crunchiest, most delectable (you can almost eat the bone) roasted wings in Toronto.

Pricing is pleasantly reasonable.  A whole chicken meal will run you $17 which includes 2 sides that can feed 4 people easily.  A half chicken and your choice of two sides (rice, potatoes, or salad) run you $10.  The rice is light and pleasant tasting.  Perfectly round potatoes are deep fried instead of roasted which doesn’t score points for BPC. The side salad is simple and fresh.   Fresh romaine lettuce is mixed with chickpeas and spicy olives which lighten a sometimes heavy dish.

The hot sauce is a mystery to me.  If you are trying to serve the best Portuguese chicken you should also create a signature hot sauce to harmonize the  authentic flavours running through your chicken, instead they use  a commercial off the shelf “red hot” supermarket brand.  How anticlimactic for a restaurant that call themselves ‘BPC’.

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