Cumbrae’s   416-485-5620, 416-923-5600, 905-628-4332

With three locations this “under the radar” butcher shop supplies most of the restaurants in the GTA with their outstanding meat, poultry and game. Cumbraes works closely with traditional farmers in Ontario and Quebec that believe in raising animals in a natural environment to produce exceptional meat.  They work on every aspect together from feeding to breeding.  All the meat at Cumbrae is dry aged and it really is the best I have ever tasted.  From meat to vegetables you’re completely insured to host a great dinner party.  The fresh salads spark lively conversations that lead to new ideas.  The beet, edamame, miso salad is earthy and one of my favorite salads they have.   And the mashed potatoes with bacon, garlic and chives is so good you will almost pass out.  The concentration and saturation of the natural flavour is what is brought out by dry-aging meat.  Only the highest grades of meat can be dry-aged.  It might be a little more expensive but why not feed yourself the best – you deserve it.
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