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Hiro Sushi     http://www.hirosushi.ca/     416-304-0054   lunch 12pm-230pm, dinner 530pm-1030pm, closed Sun-Mon

I’ve been meaning to try Hiro Sushi for quite some time.  This  second  was opened in 1998 and still looks stunning; ornamented with knives, fish bones and other collectible curiosities – reminiscent of Japan, a quaint sushi bar in some tucked away corner of Tokyo.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this east end sushi joint, so I decided on some takeout.  I ordered crispy tuna and salmon maki (not spicy), one hand roll, two orders of Tobiko with quail egg sushi (on the side), uni and butterfish sashimi, a wakame salad, and a miso soup.  The server was pleasant but took forever calculating my bill which came to a shocking $61.50.  To me this was expensive but held my tongue hoping for grandeur.  When I got home I was beyond disappointed, it looked like they threw my order together just to get it out.  My maki was spicy! And not a crunchy bit to be found.  The tobiko was a dull and dry.  And my quail eggs were cracked and bleeding all over the plastic container, despite the fact I told them specifically to keep my eggs whole.  My butterfish sashimi was soft and mushy and the Uni tasted of preservative.  The Wakame salad was mixed with iceberg lettuce showing signs of age paired with a bitter dressing that looked coagulated.  And my Miso soup was probably a third of a cup full!  All I have to say is I think Hiro has had its time.  They need to shape up or move out; it’s time to let another bright star shine.

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