Lee Restaurant & Lounge

Lee Restaurant & Lounge           416-504-7867      http://www.susur.com/lee/index.html          

Mon to Sat 5:30pm – 11:30pm

Imagine food that inspires health, great ideas and colours that paint a picture right before your eyes.  Since it’s opening in 2004 Lee has beat the odds and is still going strong.  The long standing restaurant has expanded itself by adding a trendy new lounge area in the old ‘Madeline/Susur’ space.  The crowd found here is always lively, contagiously chatting under dim sparkling lights.  Murals of budges and serene ancient trees prettify the walls; it’s a place you can sit down and feel very comfortable in.  The staff is attentive and well versed in the menu.  Try the Singapore slaw which can easily serve two; brought to your table as an unruly mountain of julienned vegetables, taro chips and edible flowers to be tamed by your server for you to enjoy.  And that’s exactly what you do.  Snack on steamed edamame infused with lotus leaf and mustard salt, a savory floral taste on the tongue.  Refresh yourself with a Japanese margarita made with plum sake, Cuervo Gold Tequila, triple sec and fresh lime.  Or if bubbles are your fancy try the Sparkling Framboise made with Prosecco, Chambord, Cassis, the kicker is a house made preserved blueberry that soothes all your troubles away.
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  1. Sahar says

    Dear Caroline,
    How delicious your life is!
    thats great trying a new restaurant each week, bet you live your life as you enjoy it.
    I do like your delicious pages :)

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