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The secret to a good sandwich is balance, and of course the finest ingredients.  Nadège Nourian is chef at Nadège Patisserie, and also the genius behind the creative treats and savory creations found inside this modest looking bakery.  Bread is baked multiple times in a glass paneled kitchen so you can see the freshest croissant and saucisson sandwiches being assembled.    The precision, labour, and the passion for good food and perfection can be tasted in any of her daily creations.

Life is stressful and the last thing you want is a smorgasbord of menu items to choose from.  Here there is just small selection of the finest ingredients crafted into exquisite delicacies, all showcased inside of a glass display case.  I’m not normally a sandwich person but these are so superb I’m already planning my next visit.  Can’t decide between savory or sweet? Try the fig and goat cheese sandwich served on a buttery croissant.  Relish in how smoothly the goat cheese runs over the ripe figs texture – harmony is achieved.  If you’re feeling more like a hearty meat to satisfy your craving bite into the brie saucisson sandwich, baked on a crusty olive bun that captivates your senses.

Lose yourself in one of Nadeges’ one-of-a-kind pastries.  A salted caramel tart flows like lava over grainy salt crystals on the palette.  Fresh Ontario Raspberries adorn a tart like a crown fit for royalty; inside a fruit compote is balanced perfectly with custard.   It’s incredible what determination can do.

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