Pizzeria Defina

Pizzeria Defina    416-534-4414 http://www.pizzeriadefina.com/      open daily 5-10pm

A Takeout experience…

It’s cold and rainy outside so I decided to order some pizza.  I ordered bruschetta, a Caesar salad, Napoletana style Lasagna and Defina pizzas, ready in just 20 minutes.  When I arrived I was told they had run out of Caesar salad, which was a little off-putting.  And the pizza boxes were a size too small so they got creative, cut the pizza in half and stacked them like ‘jenga’, another blunder.  The bruschetta comprised of honey mushrooms, marjoram and a wonderfully interesting truffle mascarpone spread was weighed down by clumsy pizza-like crostini.  The Lasagna pizza wasn’t as exciting as it sounds and for some reason they decided to put diced pineapple on it, what’s with that?  And I expected more from their signature Defina pizza, festooned with giant chunks of Carpaccio plopped all over the Napoletana dough, it’s messy.  This pizzeria has interesting menu ideas too bad they can’t close the deal.  I’m unimpressed for the most part.   I think more care and passion is needed, servers are detached.

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