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Be prepared to be blown away by the unbelievable authentic superiority of the Mexican dishes served behind a commonplace exterior in the Annex.  Just east of Dupont and Davenport is a portal to a warm and inviting Méxican restaurant.  The menu changes daily and line-ups are sometimes out the door.  It’s a place where reservations are a must because, yes, it’s that good.   With so many stars on one cocktail list I decided to start with the Amber Agave Margarita, it just takes on sip and you’re hooked.  It’s really like having the best margarita you’ve ever had in some tiny restaurant that’s only known by locals. The fresh house made juices (orange, lemonade)make the difference; they even go so far as to make their own cream soda that’s so delightful it’s refreshing.

Bocaditos (appetizers) I had to try were the Guaca Fresco, salsa and chips, served in a lava rock mokajete (mortar and pestle tool)made to order with hand pressed tortillas – its fresh, spicy and it puts a smile on your face.  Imagine finding gold when you least expect it.  The Ceviche of today was halibut, diced with lime and chili that inspire great moments – so fresh and tasty the leftover liquid sends tingles down your spine, you’ll be thinking about it all night long (believe me).  Energetic servers are knowledgeable and attentive, watch them twist through the energetic maze that soaks into you, breathe.

You have never tasted tacos like this before.  The ancho braised short rib with brisket is crunchy then melts in your mouth soft and tells you a story with its deep griddled flavour and the homemade crema pulls the dish in a new direction.  Try the Pablano Chile Rellenos which are mild chilis stuffed with Oaxacon cheese and seared in a crusty egg batter that defines comfort food.  The black beans are a must, like a mashed to meat that pull the dish together in every bite.

If you want to be excited by something unlike the rest of the crop you can be reborn in a heartwarming, lively environment where you don’t even have to get on a plane to be awakened – bienvenido a casa.

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