Prairie Girl Bakery

Prairie Girl Bakery     416-504-CAKE (2253)

It’s all white – stark almost sterile looking but terribly cute at the same time.  Wide eyed employees are eager to help me choose my flavours, they have 14 available daily including a “treat of the week”.  Many choices of small and large cupcakes leaves me staring blankly at the wall,  finally I decide on a dozen large cupcakes one of each flavour.  As I look up I notice a sign informing me that cream cheese is used in the icing.  Almost ready to cancel the order until I’m informed that it is a very small amount and I wouldn’t be able to taste it unless I try the Red Velvet or Carrot Cupcakes which contain a larger amount of cream cheese.  I can’t understand why someone would use such a strong cheese flavour in a delicate little cake.  After trying several flavours I will say that I can still taste the cream cheese and am not a fan.  And they use is a generous amount of icing.  I love icing but they are bordering on a ludicrous, a top heavy chocolate cupcake actually dropped out of my hand, I lament.  On another note the strawberry and peanut butter icings are delightful and true to taste.  The cake itself is moist and fluffy but nothing extraordinary.  I’m happy I finally tried this much talked about bakery,  but these cupcakes did not strike a chord with my heart.

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