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The Bohemian Gastropub    416-361-6154   open everyday until midnight

It didn’t take long to deflate my high hopes of stardom for this unique looking gastropub.  The menu that had me salivating in front of my computer screen for weeks on end had been completely overhauled.  It was blasphemy! One of the most interesting, exotic menus I’ve seen in a while had been cut, gutted like a pig then stuffed with boring and conventional.   I was disappointed  to hear that it was much too time consuming for them to keep making the wonderful menu items from their previous menu,  such as the fried pigs ears with smoked paprika tartar sauce. Being the type to stay strong and carry on I ordered four spiced confit chicken wings with housemade BBQ sauce which was tender and juicy. The spaztle poutine was earthy, loaded with spicy bratwurst gravy atop soft egg noodles and Ontario cheese curds, was nostalgic.  A disappointing Rueben pastrami corned beef sandwich stuffed with bland sauerkraut on rye bread holding the thinnest layer of grainy mustard.  On an angelic fluffy egg bun sat my cold pork hunter schnitzel served with unseasoned sautéed mushrooms and slimy caramelized onions, yawn.  Sides of roasted winter root vegetables that consisted of carrots and Brussels sprouts had a crunchy, caramelized sweet sugar flavour was a highlight for me. I really wanted to try the new potatoes with parsley and butter but like the rest of the menu they tossed it and unfortunately forgot to mention that when I ordered them.

A full bar and a charming beer menu has highlights such as ‘The Radler’ made up of Weissbier, lemonade, and 7up – the best of both worlds, light and refreshing.  Love the rock celery salt rim of their savory Bloody Caesar and their friendly knowledgeable waitstaff.  Too bad they broke my heart when they got rid of their  Maultaschen.

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