Axia      905-608-2942 open everyday

When you step inside this Mississauga restaurant it feels like you’ve stepped outside into a small town decorated with paper lanterns and greenery.  Axia is not fine dining or a formal type eatery, it’s more of a casual fun spot to meet with some friends for a bite.  It is Canadian owned but serves Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian cuisine, and a luscious variety of fruit shakes and bubble tea.  They also have a full bar in case its cold outside and you need some sake to warm you up.

My favorite dishes: Hand Roll Duo which includes spicy salmon and a California hand roll and the wonton soup, which surprisingly is more flavourful than most Asian influenced restaurants. Their Cantonese Chow Mein has crunchy egg noodles mixed with bright crisp vegetables and is garlicky delicious.

With a vast selection of cuisines one would think it would be hard to make each dish tasty, but they do.  Anyone who lives in the Mississauga knows and has something nice to say about Axia.

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