Bua Thai

Bua Thai    416-849-0344   www.buathai.ca  Open 7 days a week

I’m always looking for a new Thai place to try and since this one is just down the street from me I decided to give it a go.  This west end location is the second Bua Thai, a family run business originally from Bangkok, Thailand.

Mango salad is outstanding, topped with minced chicken, cashews and peanuts.  Unripe mangoes give the salad a crunchy sour texture, and when mixed with coriander, sweet onions and mint provide unbelievably fresh taste.  Vegetarian spring rolls are fried to a golden brown tasting crisp, light and garlicky, more than most Thai restaurants. Lemongrass soup is nice but needs salt.  Spicy hot green curry is creamy with a long lasting bite that lingers.

Bua Thai is charming and serves flavourful zesty dishes.

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