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Pastoral decor, intrepid music, an eclectic crowd come together under the roof of this creative farm to table restaurant to induce conviviality.  Traditional Italian dishes spun into modern delights help create an enchanting menu.  Call ahead for reservations as wait times can be long, and tables are placed very close together which takes a little getting used to.

The house-made baguette and Gougères (light pastry dough mixed with cheese) wets the appetite both savory and delicate.  You can never go wrong with oven roasted bone marrow, which Chef Harding pair’s  with savory oxtail and plum marmalade for a taste that’s sublime.  House-made Spaghetti A’ll Amatriciana showcases honest clean flavours but fails to enthuse.  A comfortable wine list displays a large selection of white and an abundance of Italian reds that harmoniously interplay with the kitchens cuisine.

The heavy aroma of what can only be described as home cooking evokes memories of grandmas’ dishes and invades your senses.  Sweet caramelized fruit, savory bread and delicious meat, Campagnolo offers glimpses of culinary grandeur, but a little fine tuning is still needed to get there.

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