China Island

China Island       416-534-7907    Closed Mondays        Dine-in or Take-out only

I’ve ordered takeout from a majority of Chinese Restos in Toronto and can say that this West end spot is one of my favorites. This family run business turns out tasty fare at reasonable prices.

So,  let’s get down to it. They don’t deliver and there is a slight lack of ambiance, but they produce some of the finest stir-fry cooking in the city.  The kitchen is open, you can see the cooks bringing the ingredients together and watch your dish being created.

They make a scrumptious Cantonese chow mein.  A hot and sour soup that will make your mouth water(And burn!).  Wok fried beef with onion and green pepper is served with an addicting black bean sauce that will keep you coming back for it,week after week.  Did I mention they serve the best lemon chicken I have ever tasted? Crunchy coated chicken in a tangy lemon ginger sauce that is unmatched in Toronto.

If you’re in the Bloor west area and hungry for some Chinese that won’t put a hole in your wallet make sure you stop by the island.  It will have you coming back for more.

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