County General

The County General       416-531-4417   Sun to Wed 11am-12am, Thurs to Sat 11am-3am

Walking through the door you notice the wood décor and the large tables give this restaurant a rustic cozy feeling – until you meet the bar staff who seem icy and unwilling to serve. The kitchen plates up traditional bar fare with an updated twist.

Luscious cocktails are loaded with flavour and intensity but a little pricey at $11-$16 on average. The bar focuses on mainly rum and bourbon so I decide to be adventurous and order a “Sunday Picnic” and I’m glad I did.  El Dorado 5 year rum, Averna cinnamon, vanilla, and Jones rootbeer was sweet while refreshing. Figgy dew mixes Bulleit bourbon with fig, cucumber, and lemon topped with ginger beer and a dried fig.  For a perfectly balanced drink take a bite of the fig with each sip – I find it lacks sweetness without.

I enjoyed the white bean, ham and mustard soup.  The broth was clean tasting, the beans were slightly crunchy, and it gave me that warm nostalgic feeling. Fried buttermilk chicken thigh sandwich is incredibly juicy sitting happily on a creamy milk bun with avocado chutney, coriander and green onion.  House-made ketchup has a wonderful smokey plum flavour making it the perfect accompaniment to crisp fries.  My sides included Kimchi lacked fermentation, and the coleslaw lacked depth.   The Generals Reuben was a refreshing variation on the old style sandwich. Pickles taste tangy, savory, and pleasant.

Numerous repeat customers flood through the door drawn to the unique bar and homey food.   Making good food and exceptional rum and bourbon cocktails puts the County General in a place all its own.

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