L’unita Restaurant

After hitting the 4 year mark chef Adam Vincent Mckinley is still pumping out some of the city’s best pasta. Outstanding handmade gnocchi remind me of clouds on a summer day floating in a sky of red wine ragu. It’s fancy and casual in one go, perfect for first dates or great conversation. A-typical for a restaurant in Yorkville, the crowd is unpretentious and warm, much like the milieu. Exposed brick, rustic and very charming describes the food and the bar which is comfortable enough to spend your evening consuming copious amounts of food. Snack on some warm olives as you slowly sip on a glass of a velvety Italian red, recommended by the bartender. A rather large wine list and almost 30 wines by the glass is a little surprising from this little gem of an eatery.  You cannot leave without having some dessert. Savory sheep’s milk cheese tastes like fresh salted sweet butter melting in your mouth. For those who have a sweet tooth try the mascarpone cannoli, light flaky pastry wrapped around candied orange and a white chocolate cream that’s pure pleasure.
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