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This Queen West spot focuses on showcasing small production wines, specialty cheeses, and cured meats.  They also offer a vibrant tapas menu comprised of local fresh ingredients.  Discover something new about yourself in an evening of exploring wine and food.

Start out with a charcuture and cheese apéritif.  The Pierre Robert from France tastes creamy, smooth, and silky.  The Benedict blue cheese packs flavour without overpowering taste buds. Sheep’s milk Vento d’estate reminded me of childhood mischief, lavender and chamomile.  Ontario Vento sausage and Ontario supresata make you proud to be Canadian.  And then my server brought over, what looked to be, crostini.   It was more like semi -toasted white bread (wonderbread) – how dismal.

Combing through the tapas menu, I came across wild Tilapia fishcakes.  Ridiculously delicious they shine through the bland menu like the sun through the clouds on an overcast day.  These little fried rays of sunshine taste so delectable they melt in your mouth.  And the wasabi aioli, strategically placed, offers that perfect bite balancing this crunchy morsel.

Don’t be fooled by the “under $30 label”, this wine bar is pricey.  I ordered two glasses of wine and the bill was almost $30! And had not even ordered food yet.   The wine list itself is luscious, charming, and diverse.   I once was weary of blended wines, but now I’m a huge fan.  Nicolaysen family vineyard’s is a California blend of zinfandel, cab sav, petit syrah, Paso Robles and rich with notes of chocolate and jam. I had to do a double take of the menu when I read ’95 Valle D’asso Piromafo, Nesgroamaro,Salento from Italy.  The wine runs over your palette like silky caramel.

Mavrik is cool, comfortable and casual.  You can let your hair down, put aside your reservations and act like you’re a kid again.  The name says it all; individualistic, brilliant and you leave enchanted.

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