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Sometimes with some meals we come into contact with our real selves.  You know not the true glory of how this is formed; it’s a slow process that turns out incredible juicy pork and crunchy crackle that will make you shutter with primal lust.  Porchetta is the crown jewel of Italian street foods, usually a whole suckling pig or a whole pig part slowly roasted with herbs into submission and sliced into a sandwich.  It’s heaven on earth, a pork lover’s paradise.  Walk into the smoky savory allure of roasted pork sliced thin or crisped up to perfection.

I had to try it all, so I started with the daily soup which today was a wonderful mushroom truffle.  Earthy mushrooms combined with truffle to delight my taste buds.  Next a porchetta sandwich slow cooked and roasted for hours then sliced and placed on a sour dough bun ensures true bliss – fatty, fatty goodness.  It’s like discovering a new land where everything is delicious and meaty.   You can top your sandwich with a variety of items; I recommend parmesan, mushrooms, sautéed rapini, and grainy mustard. If a sandwich is not enough, you can also purchase the seductive pork shoulder by the pound.

We bite we chew and suddenly we realize what we were put on this planet for.

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