Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto     416-962-0011      open Sun to Thurs 5:30pm-11pm, Fri to Sat 5-12pm

Low ceilings and a cavern-like appearance make this longstanding resto one of more sought after dinner reservations in the city.  I’m not quite sure where the magic comes from but you can taste it in the food.   The kitchen is open and always busy.  Make your way through a tight maze to your cozy candlelit table glancing at faces which look familiar, but that you just can’t place. Finally seated with menu in had I notice that it’s rather large and has not changed much since the restaurant opened in ’93, none the less it’s still very tasty.  Arugula and parmiggiano salad is simple yet peppery.  Risotto for two (or four) with mixed wild mushrooms, saffron and shaved parmiggiano is earthy and rich but slightly over done.  Finish the night off right with a homemade tiramisu that is unmatched anywhere in the city.

It’s a perfect place to have a first date.  Or catch up old friends and reminisce.  Or a great place to end a stressful work day.  However you see it, you must come and experience:  all the good, all the bad, all the beautiful.

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