Tacos El Asador

Tacos El Asador            416-538-9747       closed Wednesday

Tasty tacos served on picnic tables by zesty employees make this restaurant one of my top favorites in Toronto.  Most consider this restaurant Mexican but it’s actually Salvadorian food.  It’s licensed but serves a small mostly imported drink selection.  Non-alcoholic Jarritos sodas remind me of summers down south, and the colourful décor is enough to cheer you up just walking into the joint.  Portion sizes are generous so if it’s your first time take it easy.  On a cold day I order Birria (goat soup) or Pancita (beef tripe soup) which is so hardy and comforting you might order a bowl to go.  When it’s cold outside, snowing, freezing rain or just one of those days where you just need a warm hug stop in for some Latin American love, and a taco or two.

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