Thompson diner

Diner    416-601-3533        open 24/7

Club goers and tourist alike can be found at this 24 hour diner.  The atmosphere is fun and so is the food.  They serve breakfast, brunch and dinner all day and have a  full bar in case it’s one of those bacon-infused-vodka-Clamato-Worcestershire-Tabasco Caesar days, garnished with a hard boiled quail egg and crispy bacon,  to really start the day off right.  Sexy dark paneled walls, velvety floral banquettes with wood tables and bright lights give this diner a trendy hip feeling.

On a hard day look no further than the Buttermilk Fried Chicken for some comfort.   Served with gooey cheddar mashed potatoes prove to be starch lover’s dream.  Next take a large bite out of their juicy All-Canadian burger topped with cheddar and Peamel bacon. Or if you’re feeling sinful try the dynamite Deep South burger dressed with pulled pork and crisp onions.  Can’t decide between a having beer or a milkshake?  Then you must try their Guinness shake, interesting is an understatement.  Salads are not their strong suit but service is speedy.

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