Wacky Wings

Wacky Wings          289-521-9464        open lunch & dinner daily       www.wackywings.ca

The Flintstones meets sports bar in this 16,000 sq. ft space filled with arcade games, giant projector screens, and a lively crowd.    That is where the excitement ends folks, it’s all downhill from here.  We ordered mozzarella sticks and spicy crab dunkers, for 7 dollars each, they were a total waste.  Overcooked and tasting days old, served in plastic baskets, they were lukewarm as well.  The menu has over 100 wing flavours to choose from, even selling 1000 wings for $749.99.  I decided to try 10 dry dill pickle dusted wings and a side of garlic parmesan onion rings.  The wings are small, served cold and honestly the worst I have tasted in a long time.  Their rings would have been great if they weren’t drowned in Caesar salad dressing!  I could not believe with so much curb appeal, this sports bar would be so far behind.

I would not return to Wacky Wings if my meal was free.

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