Bar Salumi

Bar Salumi       416-588-0100     closed Sun-Mon

One of the coziest setups I have seen in the city.  Picture a vintage shop converted into a dimly lit Italian salumi bar with personable servers and excellent house cured meats.  This just might be your new Parkdale hangout.

Tonight I ordered a selection of house cured salumi and added a few slices of Filetti Di Prosciutto.  The standouts were house cured duck breast and Lonza from Italy with notes of cinnamon and fennel, it’s like a trip to Europe you can’t afford right now. Octopus and potato crostini along with house cured sardine crostini were overloaded with orange zest which disappoints.

The wine list is simple featuring a lovely selection of Italian, Canadian, and a few other tasty notables.  The by the glass prices are a little high but no bottle faring more than $100.  Valiano Chianti Classico ’06 Riserra DOCG is full bodied and rich with dark fruit flavours.  Cyrles Gladiator ’09 Cab/Sav is earthy and tempting and at $10 a glass you can’t go wrong.

Queen Street should be a place where novels are written, it’s really under rated, just like this diamond in the rough.

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