Cheese Boutique

Cheese Boutique and Delicatessen   416-762-6292     Mon-Fri  9am-7pm, Sat-Sun  8am-6pm

Cheeses imported from all corners of the globe, European meats hang in the window like trophies tempting customers inside one of the most unique family owned and operated stores in Toronto.  The produce is immaculate.  On any day of the week you can always find the freshest of fruit and the brightest of vegetable like an open market in a corner of the shop.  Cold salads and hot sandwiches are created daily in the boutiques own kitchen.  Chocolates and pastries are displayed like gems under glass cases for purchase.  If you have moment to spare you must step into their aromatic vault where 100lbs cheeses age to perfection.

With such a vast assortment of cheese and cured meats one might succumb to a sensory overload, so grab a Turkish tea – relax and let the knowledgeable staff help you decide.  They can prepare a simple cheese plate or cater an extravagant dinner – nothing is too big or too small for the Pristine families’ Cheese Boutique.

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