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It’s not sometimes what a place is or what they do, it’s what they decide not to be or the things they restrain themselves from doing.  Less than 10 weeks old F’Amelia has a following of loyal customers and foodies alike.  They serve small plates and small versions of big flavours.  The décor is quite beautiful and antique looking which ties in nicely with the charming Cabbagetown architecture.

I’m starting to feel a little neglected, my waiter keeps hovering around but never comes to the table.  Finally a breakthrough and I order the warm roasted Ontario vegetable salad.  Glazed with honey and balsamic reduction the sweet Brussel sprouts, carrots, (pickled) artichoke, beets and turnip are so heartwarming you just might call your mom.  Chestnut tagliatelle pasta with wild boar ragout, hen of the woods mushrooms, and marjoram transport you to a warm summers day walking through a forest with ancient big reds covered with earthy peat moss – truly magical.  The pizza is outstanding, worthy of the best the in city title, crushed san marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, basil, parmesan reggiano D.O.P and extra virgin olive oil.  The smoky chewy crust is firm but not too firm, doesn’t droop no matter how heavy the toppings, and completes with an addicting sauce – a welcome change.

A short to the point cocktail list reads nicely as does the the wine list which has concise wine descriptions that are true to point making for an easy selection.  Mount Oakden Shiraz 2009 has notes of pepper and spice with hints of plum and rhubarb, superb with spicy dishes.  Dos Finces 2010 Malbac has pepper and structure with juicy black and red fruits, very well balanced -lovely with Ontario root vegetable antipasti.

I would definitely come back again for the delightful pizza; I’ll take a pass on the less-than delightful server.

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