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Mistura is one of the most interesting restaurants in the city, serving contemporary Italian dishes sourced from local farms whose soil and salinity brings you the finest of ingredients. Chef Massimo Capra has been known to make appearances in the dining room quite frequently, making sure his guests are having a pleasurable dining experience.  Juggling a television show and a highly regarded restaurant is no problem for this celebrity chef, you can frequently find him in the kitchen and that is what keeps me and many other steadfast customers coming back to this culinary nexus.

The Risotto Rosso is a miracle or gradual absorption – superb.  This incredibly balanced dish is coloured ruby red and topped with baby golden beets and greens.  You can’t go wrong with any pasta found on the menu.  One of my favorites is the Tagiatelle Bolognese, an original sauce from Bologna made with veal, beef and sausage is spectacular in its simplicity.  If one is feeling primal order the Costoletta di Vitello, 14oz cut Ontario raised red veal chop, local vegetables, and olive oil smashed potatoes.  No mystery here only a delightfully savory symphony of flavour.   Having its own supper club Supra upstairs has its perks.   After an evening of mystery and excitement one can make their way up to the lounge where live music is known to play until the wee hours.

Pasta and time are just another day at Mistura.

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