Queen’s Pasta Café

Queen’s Pasta Café         416-766-0993    www.queenspastacafe.com     open daily for lunch and dinner

Consistency is king at this long standing Bloor West Village eatery.  On lazy summer days the wonderful garden patio soothes and rejuvenates many of the area residents.  There is something uniquely special about this romantic pasta joint and it keeps patrons coming back week after week.

Opened in ‘91 with the motto “our pastabilities are endless” Queens Pasta has stood the test of time amidst the ever changing village faces.  On cold winter nights there is nothing better than belly full of warm pasta to lull you sleep.  I really do enjoy the black and white fettuccine served with tasty tiger shrimp, black olives, tomatoes, and garlic in a light olive oil and Asiago cheese sauce.  The wine list is small and commercial.  Servers are handy and efficient.

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