South of Temperance

South of Temperance   647-477-1444          closed Sunday

At South of Temperance locally sourced, hormone free produce is utilized to create made in house dishes where “modifying menu items not recommended”.  It’s really an oasis in the heart of a concrete jungle mixing business with pleasure in a greenhouse-like atmosphere.  Cool servers, warm fireplaces and clever cocktails sooth frayed nerves after a busy day of shopping or crunching numbers.  And did I mention they have the largest patio in downtown Toronto?

Starting out with the Beretta Farm Sliders I find myself pleasantly surprise.  They look adorable and taste great.   Seasoned prime rib patties served on a brioche bun topped with 3 year old cheddar, Temperance aioli and garnished with a tangy pickle.  The bruschetta naan appetizer is loaded with roma tomatoes, mozzarella, and whipped goat cheese but still tastes light and is ideal for sharing.

Steak frites cooked as requested; a juicy blue rare sirloin paired with house made truffle aioli turn me into a believer.  Crispy red chili calamari is a tad under-seasoned but redeemed by the green cilantro-basil tasting Chimichurri aioli.

A tempting cocktail menu lures one into pleasant predicament.  I really enjoyed my generous glass of red sangria bursting with fresh fruit, pineapple juice, soda and ginger ale.

It’s not fine dining or overly complicated food.  South of Temperance is just a great way to take a break and catch up with old friends, or maybe make some new ones.

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