Barberian’s Steak House

Barberian’s Steak House    416-597-0335       open daily lunch 12-230pm, dinner 5-12am

Spend a night back in time with celebrities, politicians and athletes, though most are pictured within frames on the walls.  Not much has changed since its opening in 1959, but that’s the way I like it.  With a full reservation book and packed dining room things still seem to be going strong for this indelible steak house.

The standard assortment of pickled vegetables and garlicky bread keeps one company until decided on the menu.  Tonight I was having a Caesar salad and a 16oz rib steak.  My “house-made” Caesar was heavy, creamy and thick – tasting similar to that of readymade dressing.  I requested my 16oz rib steak to be cooked med-rare (slightly on the rarer side), a request most blunder, but here had the perfect colour and seasoning.  I found, however, that my steak, though tasty, lacked the rich concentration of flavour characteristic of aged higher-quality meats.

An extensive wine cellar occupies the lower level of the building.  With such a large wine list I was surprised they only offered a few bottles by the glass.  Prices for food and drink are on the higher end of the scale.  Servers are on the ball, charismatic and composed.

Barberian’s has a certain allure that is not easy to explain but is enchanting none the less.  If it doesn’t make sense to you now it will after a trip to this eatery.
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  1. Alex Walltrin says

    Great review. Really enjoy reading your work. It sounds funny but I can almost picture myself back in the restaurant again when I looked at this review. It’s not just the food its something different I can’t explain about Barberians that just keeps you wanting to go back. Thanks

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