Keriwa Café

Keriwa Café            416-533-2552

Beautiful creations hug the earth coloured walls of this warm and inviting First Nations inspired restaurant.  The smell of sweet orchard fruitwood welcomes you inside and almost instantly…. all is well.  This place is magical.  Servers greet you warmly, and take care of your every need.

The journey begins…

Warm red fife sourdough bread made with natural ingredients is served with unsalted butter, sea salt and pork fat. All of it is so creamy, buttery and fresh.  A small seasonal menu thoughtfully crafted has so many intriguing dishes that it’s difficult to choose.  Today the server told us of some exciting specials that we had to take advantage of.  Cascumpec oysters (NB) delight the palate while tasting of salty brine and fresh grass, are served with pickled watermelon, adobo and fresh horseradish.  Alberta bison tartar tastes delicate and full of flavor, and is perfectly complemented by bread toasted in pork fat. The bison pemmican pierogies need salt but still succeed with the accompaniments of crème fraiche  and  creamy celeriac puree.  And perhaps as a nod to the neighboring  Polish community in Roncesvale Village, the borscht. It’s beautiful, clear and richly flavoured.  Braised cabbage, sweet cream and dill make me nostalgic; the flavours excite the senses like an intricate dance, separate at first but coming together to finish with a flourish of grace and harmony.

Traditional Canadian flavours are taken to new heights in the pork shoulder dish.  Hearty red cabbage, celeriac, squash, and elderberries taste familiar and yet very new when combined..  Salubrious whitefish is tactfully plated with smoked bacon, white beans, chard, red fife, samphire, radish, and chestnut.  Each ingredient brings out the best in each other, and are indescribably flavourful.

Meticulous preparation and care is present in all the dishes, from cultivating herbs in their own backyard garden,  to locally sourcing all of their ingredients.   All natural, all earthy, all extraordinary.

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