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Having been here once before long ago I wanted give this eatery another try, to see how things had progressed.  This time was just as pleasant.  I was charmed by the servers, impressed by the layout, but still not satisfied with my meal.

The house made bread is heavenly, fluffy and rich with butter.   Crispy sweetbreads colourfully laid out with greens and fresh mushrooms look similar to an art project. The Black Angus ribeye entrée paired with potatoes and earthy mushroom plays games with ones senses.

My night was very similar to the last.  This restaurant has all the components to make really great food, from a talented chef all the way down to the ingredients but somehow it doesn’t satisfy or have me wanting to come back.  Don’t get me wrong, everything looks great but for the price I pay I should be spellbound.  Maybe it’s the high prices or small portion size. Or maybe there is a disconnect somewhere between the food and the chef.   All I know is that I don’t connect with the food like I do at most places of this caliber.  Call me crazy, no, call me honest.
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